Monday, June 30, 2008

Recipes: For Kids

Being a very picky eater growing up and now being the parent of two young children, I completely understand the challenges of finding kid-friendly recipes that are both nutritious and great tasting. Below are a list of our favourite kid-friendly recipes that will stand the test of the children's standards. Kid-friendly recipes are also a great way to include kids in the cooking process.

Chocolate Crinkle CookiesRecipe: Chocolate Crinkles
With cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate, these chocolate crinkle cookies are rich, moist and simply irresistable.
Gingerbread CookiesRecipe: Gingerbread Cookies
I don't like my Gingerbread to be too strong or too hard, hence I reduce the molasses a bit, and use egg yolks to give them a little extra richness.
blondie train cakeRecipe: Blondie Train Cake
Although these blondies can be made without the train mould, the mould adds a lot of fun and a gourmet feel to a pretty easy recipe.
Recipe: Caramel Shortbread
For my caramel shortbread, I changed things slightly by making a brown sugar shortbread with a homemade caramel sauce. The brown sugar added a little flavour and a bit of a crunch.
Chocolate TrufflesRecipe: Chocolate Truffles
This year we decided to get a little more creative with the truffles and make milk chocolate, white chocolate, baileys, chocolate orange, mint chocolate and some variations on each (white shell on milk centre etc...).
Recipe: Turkey & Chicken Meatloaf
The key to a good meatloaf recipe is taking some time up front to cook your vegetables to bring out the flavour before you add to the rest of the meatloaf ingredients.
Pumpkin PieRecipe: Fluffy Pumpkin Pie
I love the soft and smooth texture combined with the classic pumpkin flavours. This pumpkin pie recipe will not disappoint!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip MuffinsRecipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
I think these are my new favourite muffins! They are fluffy, moist and packed with great flavour.
Pumpkin LoafRecipe: The Delectable Pumpkin Loaf
A fall favorite in the house, add some butter while it is still warm for an even nicer treat!
Recipe: Dippers! The Perfect Over Easy Egg
It may sound simple, but there is an art to achieving the perfect over easy egg.
Recipe: Energizer Fruit Smoothie
Start the day right with a healthy and great tasting drink.
Chicken and Turkey Tacos in Ezekiel Wraps
Just as easy as making tacos from a package, but way better!
Recipe: Grilled Cheese
Bread, cheese and butter, great tips for making the perfect gooey grilled cheese.
Recipe: Everyone's Favourite: Chicken Fingers
Flavourful and fun! Kids and adults will love this recipe.
Recipe: Quick BBQ Dip: Perfect for Chicken Fingers
Quick and easy to make. Kids will love dipping their fingers in this sauce.
Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries
This will be a new family favourite! A more deliciousand healthier side in place of regular fries.
Recipe: All Purpose Tomato and Beef Sauce
Everyone has to have a tomatoes beef sauce that stands on it owns even without the pasta.
Recipe: Turkey Chicken Burgers!!!!!!
Summer is all about the burgers and since everyone in my family doesn’t eat beef we put together some turkey and chicken burgers with some extra touches.
The Recipe: Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Hands down the best banana muffins you will ever have!
Recipe: Nana's Rhubarb Pie
A classic rhubarb pie recipe. Does anyone make pie better than grandma?
Recipe: Teddy Bear Vanilla Sponge Cake
A moist, light cake that isn't too sweet. Perfect for a kid's birthday.
Grandma's Peach PieRecipe: Grandma's Peach Pie
This recipe is simple and quite quick if you have your crust already made, but the results are a great pie that showcases the ripe peaches!
Grandma's Apple PieRecipe: Grandma's Apple Pie
This has always been my favourite pie that grandma makes. A simple, classic recipe that showcases the apples.
Recipe: Homemade Organic Campfire S'mores
This is a must if you go camping or even at home! Homemade marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers with white chocolate. A little more effort, but these tasty treats are incredibly dellicious.

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