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Grandma's Apple PieRecipe: Grandma's Apple Pie
This has always been my favourite pie that grandma makes. A simple, classic recipe that showcases the apples.
Grandma's Peach PieRecipe: Grandma's Peach Pie
This recipe is simple and quite quick if you have your crust already made, but the results are a great pie that showcases the ripe peaches!
Recipe: Grandma's Pie Crust
A very special recipe from a very special grandma. Her pies are famous at every family event.
The Recipe: Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Hands down the best banana muffins you will ever have!
Video Recipe: Chicken, Proscuitto and Mushroom Risotto
I always have some aborio rice on hand for a night when I want to make something special, the prosciutto chicken and mushrooms make it wonderful main course.
The Perfect SteakRecipe: The Perfect Steak
The right cut, treated right to bring out the beautiful flavours of a great steak with a few tips you might not know.
Recipe: Chicken, Mushroom, Bacon Pizza from Scratch
Pizza from scratch is a labour of love and the results are well worth the effort.
Recipe: Crusted Halibut with Basmati Rice
Halibut is beautiful white fish that tastes great and extremely healthy.
Chicken and Turkey Tacos in Ezekiel Wraps
Just as easy as making tacos from a package, but way better!
BBQ Cranberry Balsamic Turkey
Turkey and cranberry are not just for holidays get them on the BBQ this summer.
Recipe: Baileys Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Is there anything better than chewy chocolate chip cookie? One with Baileys!
Recipe: Grilled Cheese
Bread, cheese and butter, great tips for making the perfect gooey grilled cheese.
Baby Spinach with Strawberry, Mozzarella and Crisps
My classic go to salad that packs great flavours and texture.
Recipe: Balsamic Almond & Feta Mixed Green Salad
Beautiful salad with great flavours when you want a salad that stands out.