Recipes: Dinners

Roasted Garlic GnocchiRecipe: Roasted Garlic Gnocchi with White Wine Rose Sauce
Creating beautiful pillow-like gnocchi is all about the correct tools and products. Using the right potatoes and flour is important to ensure you do not end up with a heavy gnocchi.
Recipe: Turkey & Chicken Meatloaf
The key to a good meatloaf recipe is taking some time up front to cook your vegetables to bring out the flavour before you add to the rest of the meatloaf ingredients.
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Alfredo SauceRecipe: Pumpkin Gnocchi
The subtle nutmeg with the smooth sweet pumpkin are fabulous together with the alfredo sauce.
Pumpkin SoupRecipe: Pumpkin Soup
This is a wonderful pumpkin soup with the hearty fall flavours associated with pumpkin but also a surprising little kick and some sweetness to round things out.
Seared TunaRecipe: Pan Seared Tuna
The key to tuna is cooking it properly, really hot and not too long! The roasted pepper sauce is a beautiful and simple addition to the tuna steak.
Roast ChickenRecipe: Broken Down Roast Chicken
This broken down roast chicken recipe is a quick prep and results in a wonderful juicy chicken. Some even say they like it better than a full roast chicken.
Roasted Butternut Squash SoupRecipe: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
A gorgeous and smooth soup for a cool fall night with seasonal ingredients.
Recipe: Everyone's Favourite: Chicken Fingers
Flavourful and fun! Kids and adults will love this recipe.
Recipe: Quick BBQ Dip: Perfect for Chicken Fingers
Kids will love dipping their chicken in this sauce. Quick and easy to make as well.
Recipe: Beef Bourguignon Inspired Turkey Stew
The meat falls apart and the sauce has such depth of flavour you have to serve it with potatoes and bread to sop it all up!
Recipe: Turkey Breast with Fresh Basil, Sundried Tomato & Balsamic Rub
A perfect light summer meal that is big on flavour.
Video Recipe: Chicken, Proscuitto and Mushroom Risotto
I always have some aborio rice on hand for a night when I want to make something special, the prosciutto chicken and mushrooms make it wonderful main course.
Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings
The same great buffalo taste and texture without the deep frying
Dinner: BBQ Turkey Thighs and Salad with a Blueberry Reduction
Easy rub and a great bbq idea when you want something different than steak and more than chicken breast
Recipe: Mushroom, Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Breaded Chicken Breast
I always have some aborio rice on hand for a night when I want to make something special, the prosciutto chicken and mushrooms make it wonderful main course.
Recipe: Turkey Chicken Burgers!!!!!!
Summer is all about the burgers and since everyone in my family doesn’t eat beef we put together some turkey and chicken burgers with some extra touches.
The Perfect SteakRecipe: The Perfect Steak
The right cut, treated right to bring out the beautiful flavours of a great steak with a few tips you might not know.
Recipe: Crusted Halibut with Basmati Rice
Halibut is beautiful white fish that tastes great and extremely healthy.
Update: Recipe: Crusted Halibut with Basmati Rice
A quick twist on a previous recipe for those who like something a little sweeter.
The Recipe: Balsamic Dijon Salmon
A beautiful moist piece of salmon, great for gourmet at the campsite or anytime at home.
Recipe: Chicken, Mushroom, Bacon Pizza from Scratch
Pizza from scratch is a labour of love and the results are well worth the effort.
Chicken and Turkey Tacos in Ezekiel Wraps
Just as easy as making tacos from a package, but way better!
BBQ Cranberry Balsamic Turkey
Turkey and cranberry are not just for holidays get them on the BBQ this summer.
Recipe: Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya
My take on Jambalaya, make sure you make it when you are hungry because it is hard to stop eating.
Recipe: Chicken Chili
Grey Cup (Canadian Football) and the Super bowl require a chili everyone can enjoy.
Recipe: All Purpose Tomato and Beef Sauce
Everyone has to have a tomatoes beef sauce that stands on it owns even without the pasta.