Monday, June 30, 2008

About Me

...Over the years, my passion for cooking has continued. Now with a young family of my own, I have a stockpile of recipes that I love to cook with my little helper Ben. We spend each night around our kitchen island creating new meals to share with the rest of our family. Now, we'd like to also share these recipes and my thoughts on food with you and your family. Enjoy!


I like to eat great food! But I also like to eat as healthy as possible, hence my challenge is to feed the body with healthy food and feed the mind / soul with an enjoyable experience. I am a strong believer that our bodies know what to do with foods we have evolved on over millions of years. Before I start to get too involved, this simply means I cook as organic / natural as possible and try to cook every meal from scratch. We still have our indulgencies as bread / butter, wine and chocolate definitely still have their presence.