Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Source: Empty Belly
My Take: Inspiration from a like-minded wannabe gardener. If you're like us, start now and you should have something to show in a couple of years.

Food Science: Why Sweet Potatoes are Sweet
Source: The Kitchn
My Take: Some interesting food science insight on the sweet potato. It makes this root veggie stand out from the rest even more.

Brooklyn Water Bagels in Delray Beach Florida
Source: Serious Eats
My Take: It is quite intriguing to think that Brooklyn water is this good. At least we can blame our local water if our cooking doesn't turn out.

Coconut Water is Nature's Gatorade
Source: Food Renegade
My Take: Coconut is a true superfood. It's amazing for the skin and also make a great energy drink, probiotic and aids in weight loss...

Potato Bacon Torte
Source: Brown Eyed Baker
My Take: Cream? Butter? Bacon? Cheese? That pretty much sums it up. All the essential ingredients to a perfect dish.

New On the Grocery Aisle: Canadian Crisps
My Take: The secret is out! I have been using these crackers for years and would highly recommend them as they are a key ingredient in many of my salads.

How to Make Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient!
Source: The Kitchn
My Take: This ice cream sounds intriguing enough to try one day but I think I would miss the cream as it is the best part.

Virtual cooking is a hit on Facebook
Source: Los Angeles Times
My Take: Sounds like a great way to escape to the cyberworld to open a restaurant if I had time for it.'
My Pizza Oven: Nick and Robin Gladdis, Paso Robles, California
Source: Serious Eats
My Take: This outdoor pizza oven is definitely on my list of toys I dream of...except mine would probably be covered in snow for half the year.

Mocha Marshmallows
Source: Worth the Whisk
My Take: Homemade smores here we come! Perfect treat for camping next week. Anyone know how to make graham crackers??

Lessons on Real Food From 100 Years Ago
Source: Food Renegade
My Take: There is so much insight and knowledge we are at risk of losing from past generations especially when it comes to the quality of our food and nutrition.

The new party drug: berries
Source: The Globe and Mail
My Take: Might be an interesting way to get your kids to eat some veggies, not sure it would work in the long run though.

A Visual Guide to Latin American and Caribbean Produce
Source: Epicurious
My Take: I tend to like articles that I can learn something from.

Test Your Coffee Knowledge with the CoffeeMeister
Source: Slashfood
My Take: Fun facts about coffee, although I am not sure any of it is useful in anyway.

National Smores Day
Source: The Chocolate Cult
My Take: I am not sure that smores are a social cause worth devoting a day to, but why not make it international smore month!

Alabama Ban on Wine Lable is a Boon for Sales (Elsewhere)
Source: The Food SectionCanada
My Take: Karma is great, do the tight a$$ in Alabama legislature have nothing better to do?

Coming Soon: Reality Winemaking
Source: The Food Section
My Take: Might be something interesting to add to the PVR for the reality food/wine buffs, although I am not sure relatable it will be.

With burgers, it’s all about the toppings
Source: Chicago Tribune
My Take: I have to disagree with the writer, a burger is completely about the meat and accenting it with toppings.

Eye Candy: Breakfast Shots from the Flickr Group
Source: Food Network Canada
My Take: I am not a professional photographer like a lot of food bloggers, but it is amazing how we eat with our eyes before even tasting the food.

Popcorn: Do You Err on the Side of Unpopped or Burnt?
Source: Serious Eats
My Take: I threw out my microwave, mostly for health reasons, about five years ago and will never look back, stove top does it beautifully!

Dario Cecchini and Tuscany’s Ultimate Steakhouse
Source: Gourmet
My Take: Someday, when my kids are older, I plan on taking a vacation purely for the enjoyment of food. The beef only thing might not work with my wife, but it is a starting point.

Three Apps to Take to the Wine Seller
Source: NYTimes
My Take: The online geek in me wants an app that gives me only wines from my local store. It could also score and describe them with food pairings based on scanning the bar code...but you gotta start somewhere.

Make Your Own Peach Jam
Source: Slashfood
My Take: I had planned on doing some of my own this year (not peach), but it turns out you have to do more to a garden than just plant year maybe!

An acquired taste, smooth returns
Source: The Globe and Mail
My Take: At what point does this article move out of the Food section and into the big ego section? Unless a shot closes the big deal, I am not sure how you could ever justify such an expense for something that makes me usually cringe (maybe my opinion will change after a trip to Scotland this fall

Would You Go to a Chain Restaurant on a First Date?
Source: Serious Eats
My Take: No. Next question, why is this even a question?

Tip: How to Check for the Hotness of Jalapenos
Source: Simply Recipes
My Take: I always like to find an article that teaches me something about finding the ingredients I need.

Raw Milk; Or Diana Experiments with a Controlled Substance
Source: The Amateur Gourmet
My Take: Somewhat inspiring story about finding local ingredients and trying something new, be it raw milk of something else.

Wine Pairings for Our Recipes
Source: Epicurious
My Take: Sounds cool, I will have to try to see if a professional can really pick a better wine than my traditional favourites.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
Source: The Pioneer Woman
My Take: Yum, looks like a great idea for the next intimate dinner with my wife, the chocoholic (is that spelled correct?).

Daily Feed: ArchiveHow to tell when your wine's gone bad
My Take: My ego says I can tell if a wine is corked or cooked, but it never hurts to have a refresher.

Cold Stone Creamery's No-Melt Ice Cream Solidifies Dessert Trend
Source: Slashfood
My Take: Seriously, ice cream melts, that is part of the ying and yang in life, not to mention I can’t believe what they would need to put in it.

Farmed Salmon: Antibiotics Give It That Extra Zip
Source: MSN Delish
My Take: It is fresh wild Sockeye Salmon season and if the taste alone doesn’t convince you it is the best Salmon, this article should help.

Daily Feed: ArchiveMy Love Affair with Grits
Source: The Amateur Gourmet
My Take: I have never actually made grits before, so I am not sure why this caught my eye, something I may have to try soon.

Tea Tasting with Harney & Sons at the International Culinary Center
Source: Serious Eats New York
My Take: Something a little different for an outing, but also sounds interesting…gives a new meaning to tea party.

39th Annual World Pea Shooting Championship
Source: Serious Eats
My Take: Nonsense, but weirdly interesting that people spend time perfecting the art after grade 7.

The Best Burgers in America
Source: Epicurious
My Take: The long weekend is coming up in Canada and we can always use a little more inspiration when putting the burgers together.

The time is ripe for mid-season planting
Source: Globe and Mail
My Take: We made our first attempt at planting our own vegetable garden this year and although not much has worked out, there was something amazingly satisfying and tasty about a baby spinach salad from my own garden.

Is California Preparing an Internet Wine Crackdown?
Source: Wine Spectator
My Take: Get your favs they don’t have in the wine store while you can!!! (I am not even sure we can in Canada…never tried).

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