Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Recipe: Nana's Rhubarb Pie

3 - 4 cups Rhubarb
1 cup Sugar
2 Tbsp Flour

Use a little more sugar if rhubarb is fresh. You can add orange peel or pineapple. If you freeze fresh rhubarb in 3 - 4 cup portions, let thaw to get rid of excess water or increase flour so that the filling won't be too runny.

Nana's Pastry:
6 cups Flour
2/3 cup Shortening for each 2 cups of flour (approx 1 lb)
2 tsp Salt

Blend well with pastry blender. You can store this in a plastic bag or container in the fridge. This will make 4 small double crust pies.

To make one double crust pie:
Put 2 cups of the above dough mixture in a bowl. Add 5 Tbsp ice water (to ensure dough is cold enough).

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