Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Kitchen Island

So this is the first post... the biggest question is: why do a blog?

I guess the simplest answer is that I love cooking and people seem to love my cooking. I am told I have a gift and when you have a gift it is always best to share this gift with as many as you can. I also believe that if you do what you love you will be successful, hence with my passion for food and my background in online, it is only natural for me and my wife to combine these efforts and see where they take us. You have to start somewhere....

In addition, it is great way for me to keep track of my recipes and ideas. So this is where it starts.

The plan for the Blog is to post videos of the actual meals I am making for the family (which consists of my wife, Benny almost 3 and Jack almost 1), and add a blog talks about my general thoughts on foods, and cooking and life accordingly.

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