Monday, October 12, 2009

Edinburgh Farmers Market

Shopping at Edinburgh's Saturday MarketWhile in Edinburgh, we stayed in a fully functional apartment and hence were able to eat in for breakfast, some lunches and even a dinner. The kitchen had the essential tools but lacked any spices or standard kitchen pantry stock. Hence it was a bit of a challenge to make a dinner with flavor, but I love a challenge! We visited a local health food store called Real Foods and picked up some staples like olive oil, sea salt, pepper and some breakfast essentials.

For the dinner, we read about a local and mostly organic farmers market at the foot of Edinburgh castle and we were quite excited about the opportunity to check out some local products. Although we got to the market a little late and all the bread vendors were gone, we were able to get a fresh chicken, some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, parsley, turnips, garlic, shallots, eggs and bacon. Hence we were able to make a great roast chicken with caramelized turnips for dinner and eggs, bacon and tomatoes for breakfast without wasting any food. The Chicken was cooked with a simple rub of olive oil, butter, salt, pepper and minced garlic, while the turnip was cubed and cooked with the chicken to absorb the flavour from the chicken. Edinburgh Farmers Market DinnerAlso added to the turnips were the parsley, basil and shallots.

It was definitely worth the trip to the market and a fun challenge to create meal without any waste or leftovers. The market was a great little tourist stroll and the food was well worth it. With little kids, we really needed a night with good food before we set out for the rest of the trip!

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