Monday, October 12, 2009

Dublin Food

In Dublin we stayed near Lansdowne stadium in a relatively residential area, close to downtown but definitely not surrounded by shops and restaurants. We did all of our shopping and eating in the area of Sandymount, which had a great supply of high end shops and restaurants within a ten minute walk from our apartment. With a supermarket, butcher, wine store, cheese shop and bakery it definitely met the needs for our in apartment cooking.

Taking it easy and giving the kids a chance to rest we ate in the first night and were able to hit the butcher for chicken breast and prepackaged single use rub. Combine the chicken with a fresh salad with strawberries, mozzarella di buffalo, spinach and a simple vinaigrette of balsamic and olive oil made for a great night in.

The second day we travelled to Malahide on the coast north east of the city. The town definitely catered to a wealthier crowd and had lots of shops and restaurants to choose from, although some a little pricier than others. We ended up at an Italian place and we very happy with the food. The restaurant obviously used high quality ingredients and simple flavourful plates was the norm around the table.

For diner and our final night in Europe we visited the Sandymount area and scoped out the windows for our nights food choice, we ended up in another Italian restaurant called Dunne and Crescenzi. It was a treat as the restaurant was focused on quality and traditional Italian cuisine. I had a beautiful risotto, my wife and sister-in-law had pasta while my father-in-law had the zuppa (minestrone of course)! The restaurant also had a great wine list and since I am not familiar with a lot of the wines on the European menus I had the waiter choose a great wine, and he came in under the budget we gave him! You are definitely paying for your meals in Dublin as the costs seem to be about double of the Scottish restaurant once you weigh in the exchange, but at least we didn’t feel ripped off!

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