Friday, July 24, 2009

No Garlic and Onions :(

Onions and Garlic have pretty much become staples in most foodies diets and the start to any good protein, but, as I have mentioned in a couple videos, I cant use them!!!! My wife is nursing and my children (both) do not sleep well and are very grumpy when ever I cook with onions and garlic. As sleep is a must for babies and parents, this has meant that they have been eliminated from the diet.

The hardest part is that I cant make caeser salads, but we are surviving. I would actually say that this has made me a better cook because you cant just rely on onions and garlic to flavour your meals. From a health perspective, I actually read once that pilots in the 50s were not allowed to eat garlic and onions 72 hours before any flight, as they are a brain toxin and reduce reaction times by a factor of 2-3.

Okay all this aside, they are a lot of people who cannot handle onions and garlic, but they can add a lot of flavour to a dish. Hence, being a little addicted to their flavours I immediately jumped on an idea I saw watching Heston Blumenthal's "In Search of Perfection". He was making a risotto but did not want onions and garlic to affect the consistency of the risotto, hence he cooked the onions and garlic in butter on low heat in a very small saucepan for awhile. I forget how long, but I do it for about 45 minutes. Once done, I strain the butter through a sieve and add it the dish I am cooking.

The kids seem to have no problem with this method and the taste is great, not to mention adding a couple tablespoons of butter at the end of dish never hurt!

Recipes without Garlic or Onion:
Baked Chicken Wings
BBQ Turkey Thighs and Salad with Blueberry Reduction
Breaded Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushrooms, Bacon & Gouda Cheese
Turkey & Chicken Burgers
Balsamic Dijon Salmon
Chicken, Mushroom & Bacon Pizza
Chicken & Turkey Tacos in Ezekiel Wraps
Baby Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Mozzarella & Crisps


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