Monday, July 20, 2009

Campfire Cooking: The making of a Foil Bag

A foil bag is an essential means of cooking over an open campfire, but it can also be used on the BBQ or in the oven. A foil bag is created to seal all the flavour of the meal in. The concept is to make the bag air tight so that the juices and steam to do not escape, hence the result is a very moist and flavourful dish, by cooking the food in the juices of the meal and not just hot air!

To make the foil bag, assess how large the item is that will be going inside, then take a piece of tin foil that has approximately 2 inches on each side that is not covered by food. The tin foil piece should be approximately four times the length of the food plus 8 inches (this is for the folding). Take the tin foil and fold it in half and then fold in half again. The food will be place at the folded end of the bag in the middle of the edges. This should allow for two inches on the sides and top of the bag to be folded over. To fold, take each corner and fold toward the center of the tin foil rectangle that has been created, this will be about 2 inches in each side of the corner, hence the corner will be almost 3 inches closer to the center. Once the corners are folded, then fold each open side towards the middle three times, taking approximately ½ inch each time. Be careful not to puncture the bag as this defeats the airtight sealed you have created. When placing the bag in the oven it is often easiest to put in on a cookie sheet for easier manipulation.

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