Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Cool Celebrity Chefs & Why

Heston Blumenthal. His ridiculous desire for the perfection of recipes is inspiring. Without going to extremes, you can gain some great cooking tips.

Bobby Flay. When I first started watching him, he seemed to come off arrogant however I quickly realized his arrogance was actually a passion for his food.

Jamie Oliver. A progressive chef who I admire for his pursuit of organics as well as his desire to continually learn and to educate people on the importance of food and health.

Mario Batali. He has simplicity and focus on quality ingredients.

Alton Brown. He's kind of like Heston Blumenthal without the Michelin stars. A quirky little man but his pursuit of perfection is admirable.

Ina Garten. Last but not least, Ina's unyielding use of butter alone is commendable.

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