Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Organic Debate? Not for me...

I read an interesting article from an LA Times columnist 'Organic' debate goes on, naturally. I have never read his stuff before and am sure his intentions are good, but for me he completely misses the point of organics. Like anything else, nothing is perfect, including organic control boards (and I am sure somebody is making a lot of money off people certifying organic), but and it is a huge but, it is the intention. The writer seems to look for small holes that he can blanket the entire organic industry under to imply it is a farce, or unnecessary.

Reality for me, living in Kitchener, Ontario, is that I can get local fruits and veggies a few months a year and it is a little challenging finding natural / organic even at the local market. Hence, my only choice is to visit local organic grocers and and buy organic products at the supermarket because I want the fewest chemicals possible in my foods, period. I have made the conscious choice to be healthy and try to provide the healthiest environment for kids. This combined with seeing a family member completely reverse a supposedly incurable disease with natural products makes it a no brainer for me and my family.

When I see a writer giving doubt to people who are wavering between organic and "conventional" (weird term consider conventional has only been around a few decades and is constantly changing) it upsets me. The fewer people who choose organics means less of a market for me as demand decreases. The last thing we need in this world is lower demand for natural products. If you live in a California and you have time to visit every farm you purchase products from, that is awesome, but for me I need a designation that at least I know I am doing the best I can!

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its true we need to support the farmers, nice blog, adorable pic of you and your son Rebecca

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