Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recipe: The Salad Matrix

With young kids, we don't have the luxury of trying new and adventurous meals all the time. This means that when I find something that works, we stick with it, but to ensure it does not get boring I try to mix things up a little bit. This brings us to our salad matrix. Without making it complicated, it is the same recipe simply changing the core ingredients for similar ingredients. Each salad ends with a bunch of Lesley Stowe raincoast crisp crackers, an aged balsamic drizzle and extra virgin olive oil drizzle. The salad only takes five minutes to prep and the results are always great.

The rest of the the salad consists of a green, a fruit and a cheese. Essentially you can pick one ingredient from each group and have a great salad every time, although some combinations do work better than others. Try any combination of the groups below for your own great salad creation:

Baby Romaine
Baby Field Greens
Baby Lettuce Mix
Baby Spinach
Pears (great to have on hand when the berries are not seasonal)

If my math serves me correctly, that is 144 different salad combinations! And there is no reason you can't incorporate your own favorite fruits, greens or cheeses. The following is a link to a video and recipe for one version of the salad above: Strawberry, Spinach, Mozzarella Salad

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Nice recipe, and your assistants are adorable!

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