Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Go To Wines

great wines for any mealI am mostly a red wine drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of white wine on a hot summer day given the right meal. This being said over the years there have been a few bottles of wine that I have always gone back again and again. They are probably very similar to a lot of peoples go to wines, but they have almost never failed me.

If I was a wine connoisseur I would probably say that I like a smooth red that is medium to full bodied with soft tannins, berry and cherry flavours and undertones of vanilla. I like a white that is a little sweeter, generally a Riesling, from Germany (although I have found some local Ontario Rieslings that are very nice) with hints of apple, orange and a little zip from notes of citrus.

But I am not a connoisseur, I am just a guy that likes wine and cooks some pretty good food. All this being said if I ran into an "professional" wine taster they would probably say that my go to list below doesn't even match my descriptions. Oh well, at the end of the day I enjoy these wines. Also the longer I take to try an pick out the different flavours and undertones of leather and chocolate, the less time I am spending enjoying the wine.

On to the wines. All the wines below are under $15 CAD in Ontario (except for the McManis which is not available in our Government run wines stores) and are fairly widely accessible.

1. Velletri Riserva
2. Rosemount Estates Diamond Label Shiraz
3. Yellow Tail Shiraz
4. Two Oceans Cabernet Merlot
5. McManis Cabernet (I believe this is also a vintage, but I haven't had a bad year)
6. Sterling Vintner's Merlot

1. Bend In the River Riesling
2. Vineland Estates Riesling (probably not that accessible outside Ontario)
3. Lingenfelder Bird Label Riesling (also a vintage but I have never had a bad year)

1. Henkell Trocken

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