Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Rocket Ship Cake: Part 1

Well I am about to embark on a endeavour not ventured before. I thought I would do a blog post before I made the cake because then I would actually have to follow through on the plan, or at least own up if it doesn't go completely to plan. I should premise this whole post with the fact that although I like baking and usually turns out well, I mostly stick to cookies, muffins and pumpkin loaf (definitely to be document this fall).

So it is my son's 3rd birthday and with the bombardment of cakes on children's programming, he wants a cake (his mom helps a bit too). Although I think he likes the candles more than cake itself, I can't help myself but to try something a little bit more than your average cake (I don't even think I have ever actually made a proper cake before).

So back to the plan, an erect Rocket Ship cake. The idea is to layer four cake sections on top of each other with a chopstick done the middle for support. The cake will be a chocolate genoise from Jacques Pepin, with a white chocolate truffle filling and some type of "not too sweet" buttercream icing. I will doing some colouring with either reduced blueberries or cherries and the rocket thrusters will be done with the scrapes from the carved layers. On that note I should get some sleep as the countdown has begun.
check out the final result!

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